Is It Time to Replace the Carpet in Your Home?


While many things like cheese, wine, and whisky get better with age, carpet doesn’t find it’s way into that category.  After awhile, you will begin to see wear and tear, noticeable smell or increased allergy symptoms, and visible stains; all which will have you wondering “Is it time to replace the carpet in your home?”  We have simple tips to answering this question.

Is It Time to Replace the Carpet in Your Home?

Knowing when to replace the carpet in your home may be a daunting task, but with these 4 simple tips you’ll know exactly when to jump into the project and once it’s done you’ll be happy you did!

Do you find yourself strategically placing your furniture in your home to cover the visible stains in your home?  Most carpets come with a stain-resistant finish but over time the protection wears down and the carpet fibers become more susceptible to staining.

For most stains, they could have been prevented if a had been called in.  Many homeowners reach for a DIY cleaner or a store bought cleaner when a spill occurs and while this is a good approach for most occurrences, many need the attention of a professional.  Overtime, the spots turn into stains and despite your best DIY efforts, the stains on the carpet become more visible leading to a total replacement.

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Excessive Wear and Tear

Excessive wear and tear is one of the more obvious ways to know if your carpet has seen better days and ready to be replaced.  Rips, tears, and matted carpet are all effects of wear and tear and are unsightly when giving the grand tour of your home.  You are likely to see this in the main traffic areas of your rooms and especially on polyester carpets.  Polyester carpets are great with preventing staining but when it comes to wear and tear, this particular fiber type has a reputation for matting and losing its’ form.

While some small tears and rips can be fixed yourself or even by a hired professional, tears and rips are a good sign that the integrity of the carpet has been compromised and needs to be replaced.

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Noticeable Smell or Increased Allergy Symptoms

Carpet fibers and pads are great at trapping dust, dander, and pet odors and overtime, those who suffer from allergies will feel the effect or homeowners will notice a lingering smell.  If carpet is not cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company on an annual basis, these smells and allergens will be trapped in the fibers and a smell or increased allergy symptoms will be noticed.  In cases where maintenance cleaning has not been kept up with, the carpet may be beyond salvageable and might need to be replaced.

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Age of The Carpet

One of the reasons you may replace your carpet is the overall modern appeal of the carpet.  If your home is still carpeted with 1970s shag or an outdated color or pattern, you might find yourself wanting to replace it for a more modern choice.  Beyond the aesthetic appeal, most manufactures say carpet should last for approximately 10 years with proper care.  After 10 years, you will begin to see wear and tear, noticeable smell or increased allergy symptoms, and visible stains; all which will tell you it’s time to replace the carpet in your home.

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