Area Rugs

Oriental Rugs are more than just an investment; they are a timeless piece of art that can last for generations. AmeriClean’s area rug cleaning system uses a combination of world techniques and cutting edge cleaning methods to thoroughly remove dirt and debris from your rug. The gentle approach of our 10 Step Cleaning Process protects the rugs fiber’s and ensures it continues to look like new.

Our 10 Step Cleaning Process:

  1. Before any cleaning takes place our rug cleaning technicians complete a thorough inspection to determine fiber type, condition of the rug, and cleanability.
  2. Dry soil is removed from your rug’s fibers through a variety of methods
  3. Pre-treat any areas that require special attention prior to the cleaning process
  4. Determine the most appropriate cleaning method based on the findings of our inspection
  5. Hand clean the fringe
  6. Apply specialty treatments when requested
  7. Groom the rugs’ fibers for a uniform appearance
  8. The rug is either hung to dry or dried lying flat
  9. Perform a final inspection. If necessary, the rug will be re-cleaned until we reach our desired results
  10. Wrap the rug and store for pick-up or delivery

Area Rug Services Include:

  • Air Dusting
  • Complete Rug Washing
  • Pet Urine Treatment
  • Fiber Protector
  • Deodorizer
  • Anti-Moth Treatment
  • Pick-Up and Delivery Service


Latest Projects

Commercial Water Damage

A pipe break on the third floor affected floors 1 through 3 and approximately 40,000 square feet of classrooms, administrative offices, and one of the building’s main elevators.

Commercial Mold Remediation

A faulty building material caused water damage to exterior walls at a local hotel. The exterior walls were covered with vinyl wallpaper so as time went on and the problem went unnoticed, mold began to grow underneath the wallpaper.

Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup

Structure & Content Cleaning and Deodorization in the athletic wing of a local high school.