Fire Restoration in Northwest Indiana

At AmeriClean, we understand how a fire can impact your life and how daunting the task of picking up the pieces afterwards can be. We also know that restoring a home and its contents to their pre-loss condition as quickly and completely as possible is a first step in recovering from a fire. Regardless of the amount of damage to your home or business, AmeriClean’s team of restoration professionals are here to help.

Fire Restoration

As in any type of property damage, a fast response is a critical first step in restoring your property and personal belongings. Our team quickly accesses the property and immediately begins to take steps to mitigate additional damage. Whether your property needs emergency pack-out, structure cleaning, or smoke odor removal our team is prepared to handle all of your fire damage cleanup needs.

fire damage

Content Pack-Out Services

After a fire it may be necessary to Pack-Out contents so they can be cleaned and deodorized to completely remove smoke and odor particles. When a Pack-Out is required, our team uses a computerized inventory system to document which items are being removed and also document their condition. Your contents are then transported to our restoration facility where they are expertly cleaned by our team to remove all soot and smoke odor. Our team processes everything in-house from your furniture and photo albums to your electronics with the utmost care and expertise. Once cleaning is completed, we will store them in our on-site secure storage until you are ready for them to be returned.

On-Site Structure and Content Cleaning

When a Pack-Out is not required and structural damage is limited, our team will clean the fire damaged structure and also the content on-site. We use the same highly effective cleaning process and latest techniques to ensure your home and belongings are soot and odor free. In addition to cleaning the structure and content, we also make sure the air you are breathing is clean and safe. We address your indoor air quality by cleaning your air ducts and using Air Filtration devices to capture and remove soot particles.

Deodorization and Odor Removal

One of the biggest concerns most customers have after a fire damage is removing the overwhelming and potentially harmful smoke odor. While each type of fire and property is different, our team of certified Odor Removal Technicians know just the right process and equipment to use to completely remove the smoke odor from your property and your content!

Specialized Electronics Cleaning and Restoration

he electronics in your home are a significant investment and require special attention. Unlike most restoration companies in Northwest Indiana, AmeriClean restores all of your electronics in-house. Our team uses specially designed electronics restoration and equipment and processes to remove soot contaminates and prevent the harmful effects soot can have on electronic components.

Additional Fire Restoration Services Include:

  • Emergency Boardup Services
  • Garment Restoration
  • Structural Drying
  • Pack-Out Inventory System

Why Choose AmeriClean

When fire hits a home, AmeriClean strikes back.  Our fire damage restoration team responds quickly to help people get their lives back to normal, while also enabling the insurance company to handle the claim in the most efficient manner.

The Faster Restorer

Our fast response saves you time and money, getting the property back to normal as soon as possible!  AmeriClean is a mitigation focused contractor which means our teams work to save as many items and structural components as possible. This decreases the amount of time it takes to complete a project, but more importantly, we save more of your memories!When structural repairs are required, AmeriClean can facilitate the reconstruction process through one of our contractor partners.