Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup   

Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup   


During class a student started a fire in the lower level of the school’s athletic facility. The smoke and soot from the fire was pushed through the HVAC system and proceeded to affect over 100,000 square feet of the school rendering the space unusable for students and staff.

AmeriClean was called on by the insurance carrier to not only remove the soot and smoke odor from the space but also to ensure it was safe for students and staff to use it again. We were able to quickly put together a plan that addressed all of the needs of the facility and minimize downtime.  This project called upon all of AmeriClean’s cleaning and restoration services to meet the variety of needs this project presented.

One of the areas that posed the greatest challenge was the gymnasium. The ceiling heights in the gym were close to 60’ and soot was affecting all of the ceiling space. Since there was a basketball court in this area and the floor had specific weight restrictions it wasn’t possible for our team to use scissor lifts to reach the ceilings. We worked with a local scaffolding contractor to develop a scaffolding plan that meet the weight requirements of the floor and allowed our team to safely clean the ceiling surfaces.

Our team worked long days and nights to quickly complete this project and turn it back over to the school for daily use. Without the experience creativity and dedication our team offers this project could have taken several weeks long and caused a larger disruption to the schools daily operations.

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Services Provided:

Structure & Content Cleaning and Deodorization in the athletic wing of a local high school.