Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Northwest Indiana

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

According to the EPA build-up of dirt on Heating and Cooling Coils can result in a 21% decrease in system efficiency. At AmeriClean, our technicians work with you to develop a custom cleaning plan and schedule to keep your system running at its peak performance.

Routine HVAC System cleaning will not only increase the efficiency of your system, but it will also improve the indoor air quality at your facility. AmeriClean realizes that employee and occupant safety are a top concern for all business owners and property managers. By incorporating routine Air Duct Cleaning into your facility maintenance plan you can be assured your facility will continually have good Indoor Air Quality.

Why Choose AmeriClean

At AmeriClean, our technicians use the source removal duct cleaning method and follow NADCA Air Duct Cleaning guidelines to thoroughly clean you air ducts. Our powerful truck mounted vacuum systems remove the dirt and debris that accumulates within your home’s heating & air conditioning system’s duct work, leaving you with clean fresh air!

AmeriClean has provided Commercial Air Duct cleaning to the following types of facilities in Indiana and Illinois:






Condenser Coil Cleaning

Did you know that dirty air conditioning coils are costing you money? According to the Department of Energy, dirty air conditioning coils can increase energy consumption up to 30%. When you consider that nearly half of all energy costs for a building are associated with heating and cooling, a 30% increase in energy consumption results in significant costs.

In most facilities, coil cleaning is not part of a routine maintenance plan. When coils are not cleaned on a regular basis, debris builds-up between the fins which reduces their ability to remove heat and humidity from the air inside the facility. In addition to not being able to properly cool the space, clogged air conditioning coils also can cause:

  • Increased energy consumption
  • Increased cooling costs
  • Increased system breakdowns
  • Shorter system life

Do your condensor coils need to be cleaned? Use our simple  Coil Cleaning guide to determine if your coils are ready to be cleaned.

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