How Often Should I Reseal My Grout?

ceramic tile and grout after cleaning

Here at AmeriClean, we are all about helping our customers protect the investments inside their homes and keep their homes clean without adding many to-dos to their daily home maintenance.  Today we want to focus on ceramic tile and the grout that keeps it all together.

A frequent question that we receive is “How often should I seal my grout?”  While this isn’t absolutely mandatory, it definitely cuts down on maintenance and keeps your grout in better condition for years to come.  Anytime new tile work is done, it is suggested that the grout be sealed every six months to a year.  For any existing tile, it is recommended to have the tile cleaned and the grout sealed by a professional cleaning company, like AmeriClean, every year.

tile and grout before cleaning with cleaning machine

To Seal or Not to Seal?

Now that we’ve covered the when, let’s talk a bit about the why. Sealed grout helps stop moisture or dirt from penetrating the grout. The sealant keeps moisture and dirt at the surface of the grout for an easier clean, lessens the chance of grout discoloration, and protects from mildew and other stains.  Sealing the grout of a newly installed tile job helps protect your investment and lowers the overall maintenance of the tile over its’ lifespan.

Prior to sealing the grout of your ceramic tile, it must be cleaned as thoroughly as possible- floor tiles should be cleaned using AmeriClean hot-water extraction methods. Call today to get a free estimate and to schedule an appointment!  For vertical tile, use an old toothbrush and an abrasive clean with warm water to completely scrub the grout lines. Rinse completely, making sure to get all the cleaner off the tile prior to apply the sealant.

Test the Grout

If you’re working with existing tile, you can test your grout to see if it’s time to reseal your grout.  To do so, follow these easy steps:

Floor Tile:

  • Put a few drops of water on the dry grout and see if it beads up and sits on the grout surface or soaks right in.  If it’s absorbed and disappears, it’s time to reseal

Vertical Tile:

  • Place your finger firmly against a portion of the grout.  Use an eyedropper to place the water right on the fingertip against the grout.  You are checking to see if the water beads up and sits on the grout or if it is absorbed and disappears- if it does, it’s time to reseal.
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