choosing tile for your home

It seems that lately more tile is being installed in homes and people are leaning away from the standard carpet.  With all of the new options, we’re not too mad about it!  These new styles do make the selection process harder and homeowners are having to truly think about what their “tile style” is and what will work with their needs.  Like most decisions you make in designing your home, this is a matter of functionality and practicality.

The more you know, the easier the selection process will be and that’s why we want to offer you a tile buying guide on the top 3 questions to consider when purchasing tile for your home.

Questions to consider:

1.  Where will the tile be placed?

2.  What is your budget?

3.  How often will this tile be used?

Where will the tile be placed?

To begin the selection process, determine where they tile will be placed.  Doing so, will help narrow down size and material.  For floors and counters; stone, ceramic, and porcelain will best suit your needs.  If you are looking for tile for walls or a backsplash, you may prefer glass tile.

Kitchen:  When tiling a kitchen, durability and ease of cleaning are top priorities.

Bathrooms: In the bathroom, you are going to select a tile that is durable and can withstand the added moisture in the bathroom.  A tile with added texture is a great choice in this area of the home.

Living Areas:  There’s more freedom in your selection of tile in living areas.  Personal choice is that main focus in these areas as there isn’t added moisture but make sure to still select a material that suits your families needs on the PEI scale (see below).

What is your budget?

When it comes to tile, there is a wide range of prices and you can spend as little or as much as you like.  Below are some general estimates and do not include installation.

  • Ceramic tile ranges from $2-$20 per sq. foot
  • Natural stone ranges from $7-$20 per sq. foot
  • Glass tile ranges from $7-$30 per sq. foot
  • Porcelain tile ranges from $3-$25 per sq. foot

When selecting your material, know the dimensions of the space you will be tiling.  This will help in determining what you are willing to spend on the overall project.  Keep in mind that is helpful to order some extra in case it is cut wrong or any material is broken.

How often will this tile be used?

According to, there isn’t a set industry standard as to a tile’s durability but most tile is classified using PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) ratings:

1.  no foot traffic

2.  light foot traffic

3.  moderate to light foot traffic

4.  moderate to heavy foot traffic

5.  heavy to extra heavy foot traffic

In most homes, you’re going to want to choose a material that can withstand heavy foot traffic, indoor activities, and our sweet furry friends.  Most porcelain tile is classified as a 4 or 5 and makes it a great choice for kitchens or common areas throughout the home.

If you are looking for tile in an area of the home where water is present, look for a natural stone tile.  This is the perfect selection when tiling a shower or bathroom floor as the texture will increase friction even when the floors get wet.

Keep the tile in your home looking its’ best!

You’ve picked the perfect tile for your home and you’re enjoying every moment of having your beautiful floors in your home.  Our bet is you’re going to keep them looking new and the best way to do this is by scheduling an annual cleaning with AmeriClean.  Using our truck mounted hot water extraction method, we will deep clean your tile to remove surface dirt and dust as well as those that have settled in the cracks and found a new home in your grout.  We are able to bring your tile back to life and even seal the grout to prevent future staining.

Amazing before and after on this residential ceramic tile cleaning!

Amazing before and after on this residential ceramic tile cleaning!

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