How To Identify A Certified Mold Remediation Contractor

professional in hazard suit working to remove mold from wall

You just discovered mold in your home.  You panic.  You stress over the cost to repair, the effects it could have on your health, and the overwhelming process of how to identify a certified mold remediation contractor.  We’ve gathered 4 fail proof ways to help you to better understand how to identify a certified mold remediation contractor.

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How to Identify A Certified Mold Remediation Contractor


Third-Party Post Cleaning Clearance Testing

When selecting a Certified Mold Remediation Contractor, it is extremely important to find out how the post cleaning clearance testing will be done.  At AmeriClean, we chose to use a third party to complete our post cleaning clearance testing.  Doing so, allows both the customer and ourselves to rest assure when the post cleaning passes the clearance.  We know that we are bringing our customers back into a home that has been properly remediated of mold.

Containment of Mold Affected Areas

Another key factor is selecting a certified mold contractor is whether or not they provide containment of the mold affected areas.  There are many benefits to the containment but mainly:

  • Prevents spread of mold to unaffected areas
  • Limits the size of work area to keep costs down
  • Containment acts as a barrier to keep occupants out of the area and safe from mold and the work atmosphere
Proper Physical Removal of Mold

Here’s where we clear the rumors that bleach is the cure for mold. This is a tactic that many think will solve their mold problems but it is one that can cause you more problems than you can imagine. Bleach works to remove the surface mold that you may see on shower tile but shouldn’t be used as the primary solution to remediate mold.

professional in hazard suit working to remove mold from wall

When AmeriClean is brought in to remediate the mold in a home, our crews work to eliminate mold at the source of the contamination while physically removing the mold from the structure.  Following IICRC and RIA standards, our crews demo the areas affected completely in order to restore the area, bringing the home back to pre mold conditions.

Full Moisture Evaluation

Mold growth is virtually impossible if moisture is not present.  In order to prevent any future mold growth in a remediated area, moisture problems must be identified and corrected prior to remediation.  AmeriClean works with its’ customers to identify the source of the moisture and once the issue is resolved, we go to work to properly remove the mold from the affected area.  By solving the water problem first, you can rest assured that moisture will not cause mold in that area again.

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