Save Your Belongings From Northwest Indiana Flooding

Packed furniture

When a flood occurs in your home, it is often a mad dash to get the water out of the home, remove personal belongings from the area and get the issue resolved as soon as possible.  Having a flood prepared home can make this time a lot less stressful and your belongings a lot safer.

If you have a basement or garage in your home, we have a few easy to follow steps to help save your belongings from a flood.  In general, hard surfaces and items made from plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, wood or concrete can be properly sanitized and saved.  Below is a list of items that can be saved and those that you might need to discard in the case of Northwest Indiana flooding.

packed furniture and boxes

Items You Can Save:


  • Bikes
  • Tools
  • Plastic bins
  • Solid wood furniture
  • Washers and dryers
  • Carpeting and padding that has been extracted by a professional cleaning within 1-2 days of flooding
  • Electronics that were in the flood area but not affected by the water (some flooded items are able to be saved through our electronic restoration processes)
Items You May Need to Discard:


  • All food items and medicine
  • Carpeting and padding that has been deemed unsalvageable by a professional cleaning company
  • Upholstered furniture that has been deemed unsalvageable by a professional cleaning company
  • Some electronics that were affected by water

Prevent Damage to Your Items In A Flood


  • Store your items in water proof bins instead of cardboard boxes
  • Place items on shelves so they are at least a couple inches off the ground
  • Place any wood or metal furniture that sits on concrete on pieces of 2×4 to avoid wood damage and rusting
  • Any hanging clothes that are stored in areas where potential flooding can take place, should be hung high enough so they are not touching the ground
  • Any electronics that are used or stored in the basement should be kept off the ground and electrical cords should be kept so not touching the ground as well
  • If you notice the potential for flooding to take place, relocate any and all items in the area of concern to prevent from potentially being ruined due to water damage

About AmeriClean, Inc.

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