I’ve Had A Water Damage, Now What?


Living in Northwest Indiana, we have our fair share of flooded basements.  A water damage in your home can be overwhelming, upsetting, and frustrating.  When you know what to do and who to call, you are less likely experience these feelings, get the loss taken care of quicker, and prevent further damage to your home.    Today we want to talk to your about water damages in your home and exactly what you should do to handle it.

I’ve Had A Water Damage, Now What?

Call AmeriClean!  Water in your home doesn’t need to be a devastating issue but can be if not taken care of properly.  Our certified technicians are thoroughly trained to handle any size water loss and to remediate your loss faster while preventing any further damage.

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While you are waiting for our crews to arrive, there are few things you can do to prevent further damage to the area and any items in the flooded area.  Follow these steps if you have a water loss:

1.  Make sure your sump pump is working and the issue has been resolved.

If your sump pump is not working, it is best to call your local plumber to have them come out and inspect it and replace the sump pump if necessary.  If the water damage is due to a pipe break or a tank overflow, you are going to again want to call a plumber to have them isolate the issue and make any repairs that are necessary.

2.  Survey the area for sagging ceilings or potential safety hazards before entering the room.

Before entering a room where there is standing water, check fro sagging ceilings or possible safety hazards.  If you have a substantial amount of water in the room, check to make sure it isn’t above electrical outlets.  If you see any of these potential safety hazards, stay out of the area until the proper precautions can take place.

3.  If the area is safe to enter, move furniture or other items in the affected area out or above the water lines.

Put furniture that is in the affected area on wood blocks or remove completely from the affected area until we arrive.  Doing so will help to prevent further damage and proper precautions will take place once our crews arrive.

4.  Move any unaffected items to safe area to protect from the water.

If the room where the water has entered is only partially affected, move any unaffected items to a dry area elsewhere in your home.  Doing so will help prevent further contamination and will allow more work room for when our crews arrive.

Want to know about Water Damages? Check our most FAQ answered below!

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