Daily Care of Your Wool Rug


Wool rugs are the perfect and affordable way to decorate your living space and create a cozy atmosphere for your family and guests.  Daily care of your wool rug can be tricky, but with the proper cleaning and maintenance approach, you’ll be left with a rug that looks great and lasts long!

Daily Care of Your Wool Rug

Take these steps to protect and clean your wool rug.


Vacuum it Regularly. The best way to care for your wool rug is to keep it clean. Vacuuming your wool rug regularly will remove dirt before it settles at the base of the fibers and vacuuming both directions will help to prevent matting.  During the first year, vacuum two to three times a week and after that at least once a week or more if the rug is in a high traffic area.

Avoid Vacuums with a Beater Bar. One con of a wool rug is the inevitable shedding that occurs.  A vacuum with a beater bar will cause excessive shedding.  To remove surface fuzz and dirt, use your handheld attachment to prevent excessive shedding due to agitation from occurring.


Use a Rug Pad.  Many people place a nice comfy rug pad under their rug to help add cushion between the rug and floor, but a rug pad can also help to extend the life of the rug.  The rug pad forms a barrier from the floor which protect the backing from abrasion.


Blot Spots Immediately. If a spill occurs, quickly scoop up food from the rug and begin blotting the spill with a clean paper towel or neutral colored towel / rag. Scrubbing should be avoided since it can cause piling on the rug- make sure to keep blotting until spill has been removed.  Using lukewarm water on a clean rag, blot the spill clean.

Let the Professional Clean It. Wool rugs are different than a standard synthetic rug and when being cleaned, the proper precautions need to take place in order to protect the integrity of the rug.  AmeriClean has the proper cleaning agents and cleaning tools to remove excessive dirt and spots from your wool rug.

For more information on AmeriClean’s area rug services, please visit our Area Rug Page.

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