Rug Cleaning DIY or Pro?

We live in an age where we always want to make sure we are getting the best bang for our buck.  With shows on HGTV and even the DIY network itself, we find many homeowners tackling projects around the home themselves.  With this change in mentality, we must still evaluate the question of whether a project is “DIY or should be left to the professionals.”

We have 4 tips to answer the question: Rug Cleaning DIY or Pro?

1.  The Type of Rug

When determining whether you can clean your rug yourself, you need to first analyze the fiber type, the size of the rug, and the overall condition of the rug.

Fiber Type: If your rug is made of cotton or synthetic fibers, it will withstand a washing in the washing machine with cool water and a mild detergent on a gentle or delicate cycle.  Prior to cleaning the rug in the washing machine though, it is important to do an inspection of the rubber backing to make sure the backing is in tack.  Crumbling backing can cause damage to your washing machine and should be washed with care.  If your backing is crumbling, it would be in the best regard to the rug to have it professionally cleaned.  If you own a wool or natural fiber rug, it is best that you leave the cleaning of your rug up to the professionals.

Rug Size:  Small area rugs used in entry ways, kitchens, or bathrooms are the perfect size for washing machines.  Anything larger that has cotton or synthetic fibers, can be washed in a bathtub.  Fill the tub with cool water and a half cup of mild detergent.  You will have to clean one rug at a time and gently agitate the fibers.  Unless specifically stated on the rug tag, it is best to air dry the rug once cleaning has been completed.  Any rugs larger than the length of your bathtub, should be brought to the proper facility to be professionally cleaned.

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Condition of the Rug:  As mentioned above, the overall condition of the rug plays a large part in determining the proper way to clean the rug.  If you feel as though there are any issues with the condition of the rug, it is best to leave the cleaning of the rug to professionals.  AmeriClean’s trained rug technicians are able to clean rugs with various techniques that help to not affect the integrity of the rug.

DIY or Pro: Both!  For small synthetic or cotton rugs in good shape, we feel confident in your ability to clean these rugs in a DIY fashion.  For all other rugs, we feel that our experience and equipment is a better way to clean the rugs.

2.  Specialty Treatments Needed

If you share a home with young kids or furry friends, it is quite likely that you have experienced an accident of some sort on your area rug.  With certain spills, you are going to need the assistance of a professional to remove the spot and odor from the fibers of the rug.  During  Our 10 Step Cleaning Process, our technicians pre-treat any areas that require special attention prior to beginning the cleaning process.  Doing so, allows the technician to prep the rug for future specialty treatments that a customer has requested.  These services include:

  • Air Dusting
  • Complete Rug Washing
  • Pet Urine Treatment
  • Fiber Protector
  • Deodorizer
  • Anti-Moth Treatment
  • Pick-Up and Delivery Service

Stop the Sliding! Rug pad is available for purchase at AmeriClean!

DIY or Pro: Pro! If your rugs have set in stains or are needing treatment for specific odors, it is best to leave it to the professionals so the correct cleaning process for those specific needs to be addressed. 

3.  Fringe Frustrations

When it comes to cleaning a rug detailed with delicate fringe, we strongly believe in the power of a professional cleaning.  When a rug with fringe enters our rug shop, we take extra care in order to ensure the integrity of the fringe isn’t compromised.  Our technician pre-treats the fringe with cleaners to help remove dirt and discoloration.  We then use hot water to flush the fringe and then extract water.  If necessary, we will use a special spotter to help with any color bleeding or further discoloration.  To finish, we use a fringe brush while the rug is drying to help the overall appearance of the rug.

If you were to clean a fringe bearing rug using DIY methods, the following may happen:

  • Wear away the edges of the fringe creating shortened fringes and an uneven line of fringe
  • Fringe may knot beyond repair
  • Damage to the fringe strip that attaches the fringe to the rug

DIY or Pro: Professional cleaning is a must!

4.  Convenience

If you’re short on time, the convenience of bringing your rugs to a professional cleaner like AmeriClean may be a good choice for you.  AmeriClean even offers a pick-up and delivery service for fee but saves you the time and effort of bringing your rugs to our shop.  For smaller rugs we think the convenience of throwing them in the washing machine is well worth it but with larger rugs choose our pick-up and delivery service to make your professional rug cleaning more convenient!

DIY or Pro: Tied.  Depending on the size, type of rug, and condition of the rug it can be convenient to DIY or Pro- especially if you take advantage of our pick-up and delivery service.

Interested in receiving more information about AmeriClean’s rug cleaning services?  Call our office at 219-641-3711! Want to know why you should choose AmeriClean for your rug cleaning needs? Read more here.

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