How to Rid Your Washing Machine of Mold

More and more, we see homeowners purchasing front load washers for the many benefits they offer such as a quieter and faster run time and the use of less water and detergent.  It has been a surprise to some that there has been mold growth in the seal of their front load washers of these wonderful machines.  While this is an alarming event, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the machine.

We can comfortably make that statement  because of the design of the machine.  Front-loading washing machines have watertight, airtight doors that seal with a rubber gasket.  The rubber seals’ purpose is to trap the moisture but in doing so it provides the perfect place for mold and mildew to grow. Follow our easy guide to remove your washing machine mold in no time!

How do I keep my machine mold and smell free?

To keep your front loading washing machine free of mold, they just need a little extra maintenance.  If you have are beginning to see mold growth or just a smelly machine, follow these steps to get it smelling and looking fresh again.

  • Clean the gasket:  Using a clean rag and hot soapy water, wipe the rubber door gasket (underneath and around).
  • Clean the dispensers: Remove the dispensers and scrub them using hot water.  If you cannot remove the dispensers, do your best to clean them in place with a bottle cleaner.
  • Run a cleaning cycle: Run an empty wash cycle on the longest hotting setting.  Add one of the following to the wash tub:
    • 1 cup of bleach
    • 1 cup of baking soda
    • 1/2 cup of dishwasher detergent

Preventative Maintenance

You’ve followed the above steps to remove the mold and musty smell from your front-loader, how do you keep it smelling fresh?

Here are some routine maintenance steps that you can do each time you do laundry in your front loader to keep it away:

  • Air it out
  • Remove loads promptly
  • Choose detergent wisely
  • Use less detergent
  • Dry the gasket on the machine
  • Use bleach

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