Summer Energy Savings: Keep Cool Without Breaking The Bank


As the summer temps increase, air conditioning goes on and with the increase in temps we see an increase in our energy bills.  You could try to fake it till you make with the windows, or you could try any of our 8 ways to “Summer Energy Savings: Keep Cool Without Breaking the Bank.”

1.  Keep Your Vents Open and Clean

If you have central air conditioning and/ or heat, check the vents in your home.  Closed vents can cause the air conditioner to struggle to keep your home or apartment cool.  The idea that closing vents can help with energy savings by preventing the need to cool or heat a particular room is a myth and in fact, closing vents will actually raise your energy costs.  If you are noticing extra buildup of dust or dirt on the vent covers in your home, you may need your HVAC system cleaned.  Learn more about our Air Duct Cleaning Services here.

2.  Invest In A Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you stop the bad habit of setting and forgetting.  Purchasing this style of thermostat will allow you to set various programs for your home.  While no one is home during the day, set the temperature at a higher temperature.  You can program the temperature to lower prior to you and your family coming home so you are welcomed with a temperature that is set to your liking.

3.  Spend Time In The Basement

Warm air rises.  A fact that any of us who have had a second story bedroom in a poorly air conditioned home know all too well.  During the warmer summer months, move your TV watching and activities to the basement where the air should be much cooler.  Avoid opening windows in the basement on days with high humidity to make sure you don’t welcome condensation to set in on the cool surfaces of your basement.

4.  Promote Better Airflow

Take advantage of ceiling fans and other fans available for your advantage to help promote better airflow throughout your home.  Fans will not cool or heat the air but they will help move the air around, making the overall temperature more enjoyable.  A key part in having ceiling fans, is making sure the fans are running in the correct direction.  Check out our tips on ceiling fan settings for more help.

5.  Move The Cooking Outside

During the summer months, there’s nothing better than a meal cooked on the grill.  Take advantage of the warm weather and move your cooking outdoors.  If you must cook something using the stove or oven, try to save the cooking for the evening when the temperatures are starting to cool off.  Check out our grilling tips for some fun summer ideas!

6.  Clean The Air Filter

Cleaning or replacing of your AC filter should be done ever 1-2 months.  A dirty air filter makes your AC work harder which in turn uses more electricity.  Check your local home improvement store for a permanent filter that may be easier to maintain by rinsing off each month.

7.  Insulate The Attic

Poorly insulated attics can lose up to 40% of a house’s cool air. According to Baltimore Gas & Electric, increasing the level of insulation from 2-3 inches (R5) to 8 -14 inches (R30) can save $95 to $145 per year for every 1,200 square feet of ceiling area.  Check out these tips from the Department of Energy to determine the amount of insulation your home needs.

Where to insulate. Adding insulation in the areas shown here may be the best way to improve your home's energy efficiency. Insulate either the attic floor or under the roof. Check with a contractor about crawl space or basement insulation.

8.  Use drapes or blinds to block sunlight

By adding drapes and blinds to your homes’ windows, especially those facing east or west, you’ll be able to keep direct sunlight out.  Direct sunlight can increase the temperature of a room by 10-20 degrees.  The less heat that enters the home, the less you have to pay to remove it.

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