Spring Cleaning: How To Clean An Outdoor Rug

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As the days grow longer and the summer temps begin to return, we can’t help but prepare our outdoor spaces for nights spent outside relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.  The patio furniture returns, grills get uncovered and we attempt to spruce up the area by bringing the indoors out.  A great way to create an outdoor living space is to add an indoor/outdoor rug.  These do require some maintenance and that’s where we come in!

Day 4 of the Spring Cleaning Series is full of tips, tricks and information for indoor/outdoor rug maintenance and creating an outdoor space that will make your neighbors jealous!

How do I know it is indoor/outdoor rug?

Indoor/Outdoor Rug:  rug made completely from synthetic fibers. This type of rug is made to last in wet, outdoor conditions and since it’s completely synthetic, it’s easy to clean and resists mold.

Synthetic rugs are non-porus, making these rugs stain-resistant and ideal for outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Rug Maintenance

Vacuum:  To keep your outdoor rug looking its best, regular vacuuming is key.  Vacuuming the rug will keep dirt from settling into the fibers and limits the ability for mold to grow.  Mold cannot grow on synthetic rugs but it can grow on the dirt within the rug fibers.

Stains and Spills:  If a new spill occurs (and lets face it, it will!) use a dry cloth to blot the excess that’s on top of the rug.  Make sure not to rub with the cloth to prevent pushing the substance further in to the fibers.  If it is a large spill, you can use your garden hose to thoroughly rinse the rug.  If you choose this method, make sure to place the rug where it will have direct sunlight to completely dry the outdoor rug.

Storing the rug:  Living in Northwest Indiana, we can expect the changing of the seasons during fall and winter.  It is important to remove the outdoor rug during these seasons to ensure staining from leaves and cracking from the cold temperatures.  Simply roll up the rug and move in to your garage or storage space.

Professional Rug Cleaning:  If at the end or beginning of the season, you think your rug needs a deeper clean to renew its spirits- schedule an appointment for AmeriClean to take care of your outdoor rug maintenance.  We offer cleaning on site or at our facility.  Contact us 1-219-641-3711 for a free estimate and to schedule an appointment.

Outdoor Rugs We Love!

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