Now Selling Exterior Dryer Vent Covers

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AmeriClean is excited to announce we are now installing exterior dryer vent wall covers to our residentialcommercial and multi-family dryer vent cleaning services!

Exterior Dryer Vent Wall Covers

Very few people (or architects) consider the role a dryer vent cover plays in the overall efficiency of a dryer’s venting process. Typically they are an afterthought and any old device is used to keep birds out. In all actuality, the termination device is a key component in the dryer venting process and a low quality device can cause major problems. Low quality vent covers tend to become brittle over time which causes them to not operate properly, resulting in a dangerous buildup of lint.

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Fortunately, we have a solution! Our exterior dryer wall vent covers are constructed out of 26 gauge galvanized steel and powder coated to ensure your wall vent will resist the harshest weather. In addition to being a highly effective solution, our dryer wall vents are visually appealing and not an eyesore on the side of your property.

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