How AmeriClean Works to Rid Carpet of Filtration Lines


Ever notice a build up of soil around the edges of your carpeted rooms, on the back edge of your stairs, or underneath a door that usually sits closed?  There’s a professional name for those pesky dark lines.   The pros call them filtration lines and they can be found in many homes and some commercial settings- mainly in colder climates.

All About Filtration Lines

Filtration lines are the dark lines or bands of soil that can be found along walls, on the edges of stairs, around the bottom of a closed door, and under the skirting of furniture.  They are made up of soil molecules that are so small, cleaning  or removing them can be quite difficult.

Filtration lines form as the air in your home is filtered.  We all know: warm air rises and as it cools, it drops back down.  A less common fact is that warm air likes cool surfaces.  This desire of the warm air makes it seek out cooler surfaces  such as an outside wall or another room.  During this process, the air is attempting to “filter itself” and in doing so, it leaves behind a build up of oily soil along the edges and under the items it passed through. The location of filtration lines typically make them difficult to remove through normal vacuuming. If you notice filtration lines starting to form, we recommend vacuuming the areas with your vacuum’s handheld attachment. Another great way to prevent filtration lines is by having your AIR DUCTS cleaned.

How AmeriClean Works to Rid Your Carpet of Filtration Lines

The biggest challenge of filtration lines are the locations where they tend to form: along edges of outside walls, underneath doors that are often closed, underneath the skirting of furniture.

As with any cleaning challenge, we will first approach the filtration lines with our tried-and-true 12 Step Cleaning Process. If the filtration lines are not removed during our 12 Step Cleaning process, our technicians can use specialty cleaning agents and tools to focus our cleaning efforts on the filtration lines.

About AmeriClean, Inc.

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