Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

dirty gutter with leaves and debris

It’s fall ya’ll! A little to Southern for us Mid-westerners? Possibly but around the AmeriClean offices we love all things fall.  Today marks the first official day of Autumn and it’s time to prepare our homes indoors and outdoors for the change in season that is upon us.  We have 10 items that are a must for your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist.

1.  Clean out the gutters and downspouts

After most of your leaves have fallen, clean out your gutters and downspouts.  Clean any visible debris out and then flush them with water.  Inspect joints and tighten brackets where necessary. Clogged gutters can cause ice dams as the temperatures decrease.

2.  Seal your driveway and fix and cracks

Inspect your driveway for cracks and repair any damage with driveway filler and then coat with a commercial sealer.  Sealing the driveway will help extend the life of the asphalt.

3.  Weather-strip your garage door

If you haven’t already, add a weather-strip to your garage door to prevent drafts and keep out small animals that might be seeking a warm environment during the cold months.

4.  Inspect your roof

The changing temperatures and ice, rain, snow, and wind can take a toll on your roof during the cooler months.  Make sure to check for any missing or loose shingles and that the roof is in good shape.

5.  Clean yard equipment

Prepare your yard equipment for storage by draining fuel from any gas-operated equipment such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers, or chain saws.  This is also a good time to get your snow equipment up and running for the winter months ahead.

6.  Drain garden hoses and store indoors

To prevent warping and cracking of your hose, it is best to drain the hose and store indoors during the colder months.  Another tip is to shut off the hose bib for the winter.  Remember to let the hose bib “bleed” any remaining water left inside.  Doing so will help prevent any frozen pipes an leaks that could occur.

7.  Caulk windows and doors

Caulking around windows and door frames helps to prevent heat from escaping.  Openings can cause water to get in and freeze causing cracks and mold buildup.

8.  Reverse ceiling fans

In the cooler months, ceiling fans should rotate clockwise at a low speed to pull cool air up.  The updraft pushes warm air down along the walls and back to the floor.

9.  Prepare deck for winter

Clean porch and deck furniture.  Cover and store outdoor furniture in a protected area.  Empty soil from pots and planters- dirt left in clay pots may freeze causing the pots to crack.

10.  Ready the fireplace

Have your heating system checked by a professional HVAC contractor to help increase fuel efficiently.  Now is also a good time to get your wood stove and fireplace in working order.

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