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All About LintAlert

The LintAlert monitors the dryer exhaust system for any problems.  As lint naturally builds up over time, LED indicators progressively illuminate to show how efficiently your dryer is operating.  When airflow restriction becomes dangerous, an alarm is triggered (

Why is this important?  Simply put… airflow restriction causes dryer fires.  According to the U.S Fire Administration, there are more than 15,000 dryer fires every year are caused by restricted airflow to the dryer.  The restriction of airflow can be caused by normal lint buildup, kinked or crushed dryer hoses, and blockage of the dryer vent hood.  We all know that when our dryer vents encounter problems our utility bills increase but many aren’t aware of the serious effects these issues can have on the safety of our homes.

professional sealing dryer exhaust fan

How It Works

LintAlert’s main purpose is to allow you to know your dryer is performing at all times.  It works to protect you by continuously monitoring airflow and pressure in the exhaust system.

LintAlert is equipped with four main responsibilities to ensure your dryer is operating at safe levels.

  1. Air Pressure Sensor: A highly discriminating digital pressure sensor to detect extremely small changes in water column inch.
  2. Onboard Computer:  Responsible for analyzing data to know whether the dryer is on and how the exhaust system in performing.
  3. LED Indicators:  Any changes in the system are illuminated through the LED Indicators.  In the case of the indicators, green is good and as another indicator begins to shine, your system is experiencing restricted airflow.  Once the LED Indicators show the third green indicator illuminated- it is time to have the dryer and duct system cleaned for best energy efficiency and safety.  In case of an immediate obstruction or failure to clean system at third green light, the LEDs flash in unison and an alarm will sound.
  4. Dryer Duct Connection:  In order to sample pressure in the system, SmartTap, attaches to the transition hose at the back of the dryer as well as connected to the alarm module.

Why You Need One

We believe the why is answered in one simple thought: peace of mind!  Installing LintAlert to your dryer takes the guess work out of how efficient your dryer is performing.  Using advanced technology, it knows precisely how your dryer should be performing- regardless of make or model.  LintAlert is programmed to continuously check the system and alert you exactly when attention is needed.

How AmeriClean Can Help

Before installing LintAlert to your drying system, it is suggested that your dryer exhaust system be thoroughly cleaned.  Our cleaning process starts with a thorough inspection of your dryer vent system which includes the transition line, dryer vent ducting, and the termination point at the exterior of the building.  Next we attach a powerful vacuum collector to the dryer vent and clean from the wall all the way to the exterior using either a rotary brush system or powerful compressed air. Once we have completed that portion of the process, we will then clean your transition line and rear of the dryer. After the dryer vent is clean, we clean the area behind the dryer and washer and reconnect the dryer. Finally, we test the dryer to ensure it is venting properly.  We are then able to install the LintAlert.  Now that the system is cleaned and the LintAlert installed, you can rest assured knowing you will be ahead of your lint build up.

Interested in getting your dryer vent cleaned or LintAlert installed?
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