Benefits of Upgrading Your Dryer Vent Cover

dryer vent on commercial property

In most homes, the dryer vent exits the side of the house through a plastic dryer vent cover that has anywhere from 3 to 4 slats that open and close as the dryer turns on and off. While these dryer vent covers are sufficient for a few years, they don’t stand the test of time and can cause serious problems if not replaced.

The problem with plastic dryer vent covers is that they don’t hold up to the always changing weather in Northwest Indiana. The hot summer sun causes the plastic slats to become brittle and sun faded and the cold winter temperatures can cause the plastic slats and tabs to crack under the slightest pressure.

Once a dryer vent cover becomes compromised, it no longer functions properly which can affect the performance of your dryer. The most common issue we see caused by damaged dryer vent covers is that they allow birds and other small animals to get into the vent and build nests. When nests are built within the dryer vent it will cause back pressure on the dryer which will keep your clothes from drying and can increase the chance of a fire.

Fortunately, AmeriClean offers a high-quality metal alternative to the plastic vent covers found in the big box stores. Our vents are made of 26-gauge metal and are powder coated to ensure the finish looks good for many years. In addition to a superior finish, our replacement dryer vent covers also offer near zero restriction and extremely difficult for birds or other critters to open.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Dryer Vent Cover

  • Meets and exceeds code standards
  • Easy Access for dryer duct cleaning
  • Inaccessible to bird and rodents
  • Works for new construction
  • Easy to retro-install
  • Creates zero back pressure

Our dryer vent covers are available in white, tan, and brown and can either be purchased as part of our dryer vent cleaning service or as a standalone product. If you would like to learn more, please contact our office.

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