Building Prep for Winter: Before the Freeze

After the first snowfall in Northwest Indiana, we must finally admit that winter truly is here and freezing temperatures are a thing of the present.  These plummeting temperatures  can interrupt production within your facility and if not properly prepared can be costly. Building prep for winter is key to preventing a freeze on your production so we collected our top tips to take before a freeze occurs.

Building Prep for Winter: Before the Freeze


General Tips


  • Gather emergency supplies, including:
    • Antifreeze supplies for cooling systems
    • Shovels, wheelbarrows, and snow blowers
    • Warm clothing and hand protection for employees working in cold temperatures
  • Prepare snow removal equipment
  • Purchase ice remover to have on hand for icy sidewalks and paths

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Building Tips


  • Turn off and drain spigots
  • Disconnect and drain outside meters
  • Winterize and repair overhead and service doors
  • Check your door sweeps and doors for proper closing
  • General roof inspection to identify potential problems
  • Check windows for a draft or if the panes are cold to touch. If so, windows may need replaced or for a temporary fix, apply plastic film to help reduce air flow

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Equipment Tips


  • Check boiler flue tubes for leaks and clogs
  • Have a HVAC contractor test your furnaces efficiency
  • Have the HVAC system in your building cleaned by a professional air duct cleaning company prior to turning the furnace on to enjoy the following benefits:

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