Get ready for us…. before your upholstery cleaning


Dear Client:

Thank you for trusting us with your upholstery cleaning project. When we’re
finished, your home will be clean, fresh, and beautiful – guaranteed. Here are some
suggestions for you to prepare that will help both of us:

1. Please advise your technician about any special requirements to follow when
moving your furniture; weak legs, loose tops, etc.

2. Please inspect for any valuables that may have fallen behind the cushions or inside
the framework.

3. Please inspect for any preexisting fabric and/or seam damage.

4. Please vaccum your furniture and cushions of all debris and pet hair.

5. For safety sake, remove all breakable/valuable items from end tables, sofa tables
and coffee tables.

6. Call attention to any spots or stains, which may require special techniques to your

7. For safety sake, be sure to keep an extra close eye on your curious little ones.

8. For your pet’s peace of mind (and ours) please put them in a safe, quiet place
where our cleaning won’t disturb them.

9. Most importantly, if there is anything we can do to make this experience a better
one for you, pelase let us know.

Thank you for working with us. We look forward to serving you!


After Care Information:

1. Please leave your plastic tabs and blocks under your furniture for 24 hours. If it is
physically difficult for you to remove tabs, please call us and we’ll help.
2. For your children’s and pet’s safety please do not let them crawl o lay on the
upholstery until they are completely dry.
3. If your upholstery receives an application of fabric protection, be aware that the
total drying time will increase

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