Commercial Mold Remediation

mold damaged wood


A faulty building material caused water damage to exterior walls at a local hotel. The exterior walls were covered with vinyl wallpaper so as time went on and the problem went unnoticed, mold began to grow underneath the wallpaper.

wall with mold for mold remediation

Services Provided:

AmeriClean was called upon to determine where the water intrusion was occurring and to develop a plan to remediate the mold in over 90 guest rooms. The hotel needed to remain open during the remediation process which presented several logistical and operation challenges throughout the project. The hotels desire to remain open required the project to be broken into 6 phases and limited how and when work could be completed. For example, the only elevator to the three floors was in a common area which was unaffected by the water intrusion. This meant that all supplies and all furniture has do be take up and down through a stairwell located at the end of the building. This constraint increased the labor demands of the project and also threatened the aggressive timeline for completing the project.

Our team successfully removed all hotel furniture from each room, completed mold remediation and passed independent third party verification tests and then returned the hotel furniture to its original location all while minimizing disruption to the hotels operation and the guest experience.

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