3 Ways Truck Mounted Cleaning Systems are More Effective than Rotary Brush Systems

Truck Mounted Cleaning Systems by AmeriClean

When it comes to cleaning air duct systems in a home or commercial building, there are two common methods that are used.  In this blog, you will learn the ways the two cleaning systems vary and our chosen method of cleaning.  Read on to see the 3 Ways Truck Mounted Cleaning Systems are More Effective than Rotary Brush Systems.

The Difference Between Rotary Brush Cleaning System and Truck Mounted Cleaning System


Rotary Brush Cleaning

A rotary brush system such as the RotoBrush, uses a multi-directional rotating brush to dislodge debris from the sides of the air ducts. Once the debris is loosened, it uses a hose approximately 3” round to remove the debris to the portable collector. When this type of system is used, the portable power/vacuum unit is brought to each vent and then to the main trunk lines on the supply and return sides of your HVAC system.

Truck Mounted Cleaning System

Truck mounted duct cleaning systems use powerful vacuum systems that are either powered off of the truck’s engine or a secondary motor which spins a fan within the truck to create a vacuum. When a truck mounted system is used, 10” and 8” hoses are run to the furnace where they are connected to both the supply and return air ducts to place the system under negative pressure (meaning air is pulled into the ductwork and not pushed out through the registers). Next, an air compressor located inside of the truck is used to power agitation tools which are sent through each heating and cooling vent to break free debris from inside the duct. This system uses the pushing power of the compressed air combined with the vacuum supplied by the truck mount to remove debris from inside of the house.

3 Ways Truck Mounted Cleaning Systems are More Effective than Rotary Brush Systems

Now that you know a little more about each system, we can discuss the three main differences between the two.

Capabilities of the Machines

Rotary System: With a rotary unit, brushes are used to dislodge the debris.

Truck Mounted Cleaning Systems: When a truck mount system is used, a wide variety of compressor powered agitation tools can be used including air nozzles, whips, brushes and a combination of directed air nozzles and whips.

Conclusion: The versatility of the compressor powered agitation tools allows for technicians to select the perfect tool for each system and each unique set up and necessary cleaning.

How the Debris is Removed

Rotary System: When the rotary cleaning system is used, the vacuum power is limited to the maximum amount of airflow that is able to pass through a 3” hose.

Truck Mounted Cleaning System: When you look at a truck mount system, the airflow is delivered through either an 8” or 10” hose which means a greater volume of air is able to be moved through the duct system.

Conclusion: Debris is being removed through a larger hose, which allows larger debris to be removed from inside of the air ducts. Its not uncommon for our technicians to encounter large debris such as: ceramic tile scraps, caulk tubes, empty food bags and even hammers! All of these items would be left in the air ducts with the rotary brush system making the truck mounted system the better system .

How the Debris is Collected

Rotary Brush Cleaning System: The debris is captured in a portable vacuum collector which is located inside of the home or business.

Truck Mounted Cleaning Systems: Removes the debris from inside of the home or business through a series of hoses where it is captured inside the truck.

Conclusion: By collecting the debris outside, the truck mounted system greatly reduces the chance that debris can escape into the indoor environment. Leaving you with a clean home or business and little to no mess to clean up.

Truck Mounted Cleaning System: Our Cleaning Method of Choice

For over 20 years, AmeriClean has used truck mounted duct cleaning equipment to provide high quality air duct cleaning services to thousands of homesoffices, and industrial buildings. We believe that the versatility of the air powered agitation tools, the increased air flow and its ability to remove large debris, combined with the debris being captured outside of the home or building make it the most effective and efficient duct cleaning equipment available. By following NADCA standards of practice we are able to provide our customers with the best cleaning methods and ensure the job is done right.

We hope this helps shed some light on the differences between two of the more common types of air duct cleaning equipment being used.  If you have additional questions about the different types of cleaning equipment being in Northwest Indiana, please reach out to us at 219-641-3711 or you can always connect with us on Facebook or via email at tellmemore@americleaninc.com

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