AmeriClean Takes Care of the Mess for All Highland Residents


Highland, Indiana, is the home of Ward Cunningham, the inventor of the first-ever Wiki page. But you won’t need to check Wikipedia to find the most trusted name in cleaning and restoration services for residential and commercial areas–it’s AmeriClean. 

AmeriClean is family-owned and has been serving Northwest Indiana since 1986. That makes us the longest-running cleaning and restoration company in the area. That’s because we’re also the best.

The 22,000 residents of Highland know that AmeriClean will keep their homes and businesses clean when they’d rather be out enjoying Downtown Restaurant Crawl. They can enjoy a messy rack of ribs and come back to a sparkling clean home. 

Just as Highland is preserving and restoring the wetlands for herons, owls, snowy egrets and more wildlife, AmeriClean will clean and restore your residences and businesses so you don’t have to have another thing on your to-do list.


fire damage

Home Clean Home

You don’t want to have the house on the block that stands out for all the wrong reasons. That’s why we have interior cleaning and exterior cleaning services that will meet your highest standards.

Perhaps your carpet has seen better days. We’ll get rid of dirt, spills, stains and allergens with our top notch carpet cleaning. We’ll do the same with your biggest area rugs.

Spills and dirt accumulate on furniture, too. That’s why we offer upholstery cleaning for removing dirt, dander, spots, and spills from your comfiest spots.

For bathroom and kitchen deep cleaning, let us take care of it with our tile and grout cleaning, getting into all the grimy crevices that you hate to touch.

There’s a lot more dust and dander in your house that you can’t see. So you’ll want to take advantage of our air duct cleaning to ensure the highest air quality in your home.

Finally, your dryer vent absolutely needs to be cleared out, not just for cleanliness but also safety. A clogged dryer vent can cause heat to build up and could be a fire hazard. We’ll make it safe and clear so you don’t have to worry about it.

Our exterior cleaning services will take care of the shine on the outside. We handle vinyl siding, brick, concrete, pavers, wood decks, and composite decks, and they’ll be squeaky clean.Meanwhile, you can get rid of a bunch of junk inside the house with our dumpster rental service, offering same-day or next-day delivery.

Dirt on the Scene? Call AmeriClean!

While you’re working for the weekend, let AmeriClean keep the place spotless so you have time for everything else. 

We’ll take care of your carpet, upholstery, tile and grout, air ducts, exterior and dryer vents with professional and reliable service. 

Contact us today at 219-641-3711 or fill out our online estimate form to schedule your services with AmeriClean.