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One of the most common questions we get after a fire is are my electronics ruined?

While every fire is different, most of the time when it comes to electronics, it is fairly easy to quickly determine if the electronics are salvageable.

In most cases, if an item does not show obvious signs of damage from the heat (yellowing or melted plastic) or if it was not sprayed with water while it was plugged in, the answer is yes they can be saved.

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With electronics it is imperative that the soot and any moisture are quickly removed from the items before it can cause permanent harm. Most people are surprised to learn that as long as most electronics are not plugged in, water doesn’t affect them.

Our process combines specially treated water, cleaning agents, compressed air, and ultrasonic cleaning machines to remove the soot and debris from the electrical components. This process is incredibly thorough and safe on all types of electronics. We have used this process to restore 1,000’s of damaged electronics in Northwest Indiana and across the Midwest.  In fact, this method of cleaning is so effective that it was used to clean and restore electronics after the September 11th terror attic on the Pentagon.

To learn more about our electronics cleaning process or to have AmeriClean assist you with restoring your possessions after a fire damage, please call our office at 219-641-3711.

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