May 6, 2014 is World Asthma Day – a day organized by healthcare workers in over 35 countries, with the focus on educating the public on what research has found to be the most effective ways of controlling and treating asthma.

Did you know that creating a cleaner, allergen-free home could help your asthma symptoms? Asthma impacts more than 34 million people, and one of the main triggers is an allergen found in dust mite droppings. Regular deep cleaning greatly helps in reducing this allergen.

So what can you do at home? Well, here are five easy steps to reduce dust mites.

Step 1: Frequently Remove Dirt from Vacuum Bags. Emptying your vacuum bags more frequently – when dirt levels are one third to half way full, is one of the best ways to remove dust mites.

Step 2: Dust and Dust Mop Regularly. Microfiber has been found to be very effective at attracting and removing dust.

Step 3: Increase Carpet Cleaning Frequencies and Vacuum with a HEPA-filter bag on a Regular Basis. Have carpets deep cleaned at least once a year and more often in high-traffic areas. AmeriClean is the perfect source for this!

Step 4: Limit Mold Growth. Increased cleaning frequencies will also limit mold growth. Mold produces the same allergens that impact asthma sufferers.

Step 5: Focus on Overlooked Areas where People Spend Time. For example, in home offices, chairs are often overlooked, but these can become a breeding ground for dust mites.

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