Winter Floor Care Tips

Winter can be hard on the floors in our homes and office buildings. Our winter boots track in snow, dirt and ice melter salt from the outdoors.  All of these can reap havoc on our floors and that’s why we have to give extra care to our floors during the winter months. Preventative measures can be taken to help protect your floors whether they’re carpet, ceramic tile, or hardwood floors.  Check out these 6 tips for winter floor care.

6 Tips For Winter Floor Care

Tip #1 – Use Color Indicating Ice Melter

Colored ice melting salt is a great product that allows you to see where the salt has been spread.  We prefer colored ice melting salt over traditional salt because it reduces the amount of product you use and allows people walking on the path to see where salt has been used and better traction likely.  By using less salt, less will be tracked into your home or building decreasing the opportunity to damage your floors.

Tip #2 – Add An Indoor and Outdoor Floor Mat

Keep the salt at front door by adding an indoor and outdoor floor mat by your front door.  Having a mat at the door will trap most of the salt and debris.  Washing the mat frequently will help to keep the mat clean and prevent salt from making its way onto your floors.

Tip #3 – Sweep Away Excess Salt

A lot of times, you see a home or office building that has properly prepared for snow that may have come already and melted and there sits all the salt that was used.  In these cases, it is best to sweep away excess salt once the snow has melted.  By removing the salt from the pathways, you will reduce the amount salt that can possibly enter your home or office building.

Tip #4 – Avoid Excess Moisture

We all know that excess moisture on wood floors is to be avoided and if left unattended, excess moisture can warp floors and cause gaps between the boards.  To avoid excess moisture from entering your home, make sure you and your guests leave their shoes in a safe area to dry like on a mat or a drying rack.  If moisture does get on your hardwood floors, make sure to mop up the excess moisture and dry the floors immediately.

Tip #5 – Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming your floors during the winter months is one of your biggest defense against the harsh salt and residue.  Vacuuming regularly will help to decrease residue build up and keep your floors looking great!

Tip #6 – Take Care of Your Pets Paws

When there’s snow on the ground or even after it thaws, you’re going to want to keep a towel hand by wherever your pets go outside.  Doing so will keep your pet from tracking in messes onto your floors and furniture.

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Preventative cleaning is the key in keeping your floors looking their best and with these 6 winter floor care tips will extend the life of your floors.

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