Winter Fire Safety- Adopt a hydrant

With cold temperatures of winter come winter fires.  When the cold sets in, we turn to fireplaces, space heaters, and our HVAC systems to keep us warm.  Each of these items are set to do just that but if not properly maintained, they all can cause great damage and lead to a fire.  One of the best ways to protect yourself in the case of a fire and aid fire crews in their goal to put out the fire is keep fire hydrants clear of snow.  Fire hydrants and winter fire safety go hand in hand and in today’s blog you’ll see how.

Winter Fire Safety: Adopt A Hydrant

Why It Matters

During the winter months, it is important to be conscious of the snow that builds up around fire hydrants.  Snow-covered fire hydrants run the risk of delaying fire services, taking crucial time that can mean the difference between saving a structure and those inside or not being able to.

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Fire trucks carry a limited amount of water, so part of protocol when arriving at the scene of a fire is to locate the nearest hydrant.  If a hydrant is covered in snow, a responder may struggle to locate the hydrant causing the fire crew valuable time.  Keeping the hydrant clean provide easier access to water and ultimately more time to fight the fire.

What To Do

If the area in which you live experiences a large amount of snow, snow and any other debris should be removed if covering the hydrant.  In addition, the American Red Cross strongly suggests that you keep a 3 foot perimeter surrounding the fire hydrant clear of snow.

Winter Fire Safety: Fire hydrant clearance

Who Should Do It

While most homeowners are not legally obligated to maintain the area surrounding a fire hydrant, it is important that they do their part by clearing snow from hydrants as it occurs.

The initiative Adopt-a-Hydrant ‘allows  citizens to claim responsibility for shoveling out fire hydrants after heavy snowfalls.”

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The winter can be a time of enjoying winter outdoor sports or cozying up to a fire to but if we all ban together to make a conscious effort to clear the surrounding area of fire hydrants in our own neighborhoods, we could make a huge impact on the lives of those we love.

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