It’s the last full week of December and while there may not be snow on the ground, today is the official first day of winter.  At this point, you’ve either beat the holiday rush and had your carpets cleaned or you’re putting it on the Spring Cleaning List because you think carpets can’t be cleaned in winter.

We’re here to prove the statement false and show you that you absolutely can clean carpets in winter!  Yes, there are some drawbacks to overcome but our cold weather cleaning methods help to dismiss the reasons why you feel you shouldn’t have your carpets cleaned. Read more about winter carpet cleaning.

It’s too cold outside.

We understand the temperatures can be extremely cold during the winter months and that with our hoses being brought into your home, the cold air could follow us.  We’ve taken the proper precautions to make sure we keep your home as comfortable as possible.  Using our door covers helps to stop the cold air from sneaking in through the cracks.


The slush and salt will come in too.

While these are valid concerns, we take the same precautions throughout the year to make sure we are not tracking in an unwanted mess into your home.  Each of our technicians are equipped with removable booties that allow them to cover their shoes each time they enter the house.

We just spent all our money on the Holidays.

Winter time also brings the holiday season and we understand money can be tight.  That’s why we’ll working with you to get the most needed areas done.  By focusing on traffic patterns and spots or spills, we can help keep the cost down while still making your house look great!  We also run some great specials throughout the season to help you save more! Check out our current specials here.

I’m too busy- there won’t be an appointment that fits my schedule.

This one is just false.  While you may be busier than usual, we tend to have more appointments available due to this reason alone.  Our availability will help find an appointment that fits with your schedule.

About AmeriClean, Inc.

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