Winter is here and along with it comes lower temperatures outside and the never ending challenge of keeping your home and loved ones inside at a comfortable temperature.  To help in the process, many use portable space heaters to help keep the temperature comfortable and the costs lower.  These heaters are effective with both but if not used properly, they can become a hazard and even be the start of a devastating fire in your home.

To keep you safe and warm, we’ve got 9 do’s and don’ts of space heater safety.

Things You Should Do:

Follow 3 ft Rule

Keep the heater at least 3 feet away from any combustible materials. Including: beds, sofas, curtains, clothes, etc.

Keep it Stable

When placing your heater in your home, make sure the heater is on a stable and level surface.  Also make sure it is in area where the risk of being knocked over is low.

Use a Smoke Detector

Before using your heater, make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working.

Turn it Off

When leaving a room, the home, or going to bed; make sure the heater is turned off.

Use the Right Fuel

If using a space heater that requires fuel, make sure to refill the heater with the right kind.  Failing to do so can likely cause a fire.

Things You Shouldn’t Do:

Crowd Your Unit

Make sure to not put anything flammable anywhere near the front, sides, or rear of the heater.

Use Around Water

Make sure not to use or operate your heater anywhere near water. Doing so can cause you to be shocked.

Cords Under Rugs

When using the heater in your home, make sure to not run the power cord underneath furniture, carpets or area rugs.

Kid Free Zone

Keep an eye out for children when heater is running- it’s better to not allow children use or operate the heater without proper supervision.

Place on Tables

Do not place the heater on top of a table, chair or any other unstable surface while it is being used.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be sure to stay safe and warm this winter season.

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