Christmas is just a week away and many are still looking for the perfect gift! If that perfect gift includes one for your child’s teacher, we have helped to make that process a little bit easier! We’ve gone straight to the source and asked teachers what their favorite gifts are.


Here’s a list of the Top 10 things every teacher wants for Christmas:

1. Any kind of gift card for a fun coffee, treat, or lunch

2. Fun, new school supplies

3. Fancy markers/colored sharpies

4. Post-it Notes and Blank Note Cards

5. Double Sided Tape & Stickers

6. Fun Smelling hand soap or hand sanitizer

7. Fuzzy or fun socks

8. iTunes gift cards (for school ipads)

9. Amazon or other bookstore gift card

10. Candy or some other type of treat


And a few gift options for the Male Teacher in your life:

1. Movie certificate taped to a box of popcorn

2. Something you can find at the checkout counter of your local hardware store: flashlight, inexpensive screwdriver or hammer, batteries

3. Duct tape

4. Car Wash Coupons

5. Gas Gift Card

6. Jar of Peanuts or Mixed Nuts

7. Favorite Candy/Pop


Whatever you decide on, the teacher will surely love it – especially when it comes from their student!


Happy Holidays!!