Save Your Pets From a House Fire

The focus this week for National Preparedness Month is wildfires and while this might be on the top of our worry list here in the Midwest, a house fire should be.  A house fire is something that many of us believe we will never experience but it is something we must plan and prepare for.  When creating an exit strategy for a house fire, it is important that we consider our furry friends. We have 5 ways to save your pets from a house fire.

1.  Place a pet rescue safety sticker in your window.

In the event of an emergency, a pet rescue sticker can alert first responders of the pets inside the home.  The window clings help firefighters identify the need to find and rescue pets from your home.  It will also provide with the following information: how many pets are in the home and what kind.

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2.  Know your pets hiding places.

It is important to remember that during a house fire, your pet will be terrified which will most likely result in them running to places where they feel safe.  Knowing where they are most likely to hide will allow you to find them in the case of fire.

3.  Keep your pets identification tags and microchips up-to-date.

When a house catches fire, it may be the reaction of your furry friend to flee the property and may become lost or confused.  Have up-to-date identification tags and microchips, will help you to locate your families beloved pet.

4.  Create an exit point if animal doesn’t escape with family.

If your family has escaped safely, it is extremely important to never renter a burning building- NO MATTER WHAT!  If your families pet did not make it out with the family, leave the door or window that you exited through open and continuously call your pets name to help them find the exit point.

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5.  Keep animal on leash or tie up once you safely exit the house.

Once you have exited your home, if possible put animal on a leash or some form of tie up to keep them from running away.  Your pets will most likely panic at the smell of smoke and might run once outside.

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