Prepare Memories for a House Fire

When a fire occurs, the truly important matter is that you, your family, and your beloved pets are able to get out of the burning home safely.  After experiencing a house fire, the grieving process begins.  You celebrate that everyone is able to safely leave the home but soon after the impact of memories and keepsakes lost hits heavy on the hearts of those affected.  With home owners insurance, a house will be rebuilt with the check from the insurance company, but no many can replace photos, children’s artwork, or important documents.

We never think or plan to experience a house fire in our own homes but it is always best to plan for the worse case scenario and prepare memories for a house fire and save ourselves the grief of losing memories and items that mean the most to us.

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Prepare Memories for a House Fire

Invest In Fireproof  Storage

A simple way to protect important documents or precious keepsakes is to invest in a fireproof safe or firebox.  A firebox is made of special material that forms a fireproof seal when exposed to flames.  Once sealed, a firebox protects its contents for up to four hours depending on the brand.  A fireproof safe is made of metal material and are typically larger than fireboxes so you can store more than documents and small items.

Prepare Memories for a house fire


Prepare Memories for a house fire

Fireproof Safe

Online Data Backup

We are blessed to live in a digital world where the options for online data storage are abundant.  Sites like Dropbox, Google Docs, Just Cloud, and Amazon Cloud Drive; allow users to store photos and other important documents in the cloud. With the use of online data backup, your photos and important documents will be safe from the fire, even if the originals are ruined.

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Keep Important Documents in Multiple Locations

While both of the ideas listed above are highly effective when protecting memories from a fire, it is also a good idea to store photos, important documents, and other cherished items in various locations.  Keep originals on hand, scanned copies on your hard drive and a third copy saved to an online data backup source.

By taking advantage of each of these options, your memories will be safe from a potential fire.

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