You’ve found the most adorable puppy! Your family is complete but your house is now the landing pad for puppy accidents and the aftermath of its’ chewing.  You might be a little frustrated at this point because your pet potty training isn’t going as well or as fast as you had hoped.  Every puppy presents different challenges but we have some tips and tricks to start potty training on the right paw!

4 Rules for House Training Your New Puppy

1.  Give your puppy many opportunities to visit their potty area- whether it is on a pee pad or outside.  This will help prevent accidents in the house.

  • Puppies should be taken out every hour as well as shortly after meals, play and naps.
  • Puppies should also go out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and before being left alone

2.  Each time the puppy goes in the desired location- provide it with a reward and praise!

  • Try to only use the treats when the puppy has a specific result.  You want these to be available for positive reinforcement.

3.  Never punish the pup for house training “mistakes”

  • If you catch your puppy in action- try clapping loudly twice- enough to startle not scare

4.  Put your puppy on a regular and timely feeding schedule.

  • Creating a schedule during potty training will help to reduce the overall time it takes to train the young pup and help reduce accidents the puppy has.

What to do if they potty inside:

Cleaning up accidents is a race against time.  The longer the urine sits on the carpet, the more time it has to leave a permanent impression.

Urine Stains: Blot up the puddle as quickly as you can to stop the urine from seeping into the underlying carpet pad.  Always apply even pressure to the area and never scrub it!

Cleaning: Once the mess has been blotted up, clean the area with an approved carpet cleaning product, like AmeriClean’s Spot Out spotter.

Get it Dry: After thoroughly cleaning the spot, blot the area again to remove excess moisture. If you have  a small fan, place it near the spot and let it run until the area is dry.

Call AmeriClean:  Once your pet potty training is complete, we suggest scheduling an appointment to have your carpet and upholstery cleaned (or the areas where accidents occurred).  Having a professional cleaning will help to further eliminate and break down enzymes left in the carpet and reduce the chances of puppy marking their territory in the same location.

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