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Driving down the backroads of the countryside of Northwest Indiana, you can find the city of Lowell. While this small town may look like an abundance of cornfields to the common eye, it is home to many longtime residents and local businesses. Lowell is known for the oldest Labor Day Parade in Indiana, and many other events that take place on its historic Main Street. When the residents of Lowell are taking a break from antique shopping downtown or visiting one of the local parks, they find comfort in their homes. When these families are in the need of getting their homes cleaned, they always call AmeriClean.

Whether you need carpet, air duct, or rug cleaning services, Lowell residents rest easy knowing that all their cleaning or restoration needs can be handled by the experts at AmeriClean.

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Reliable Residential Cleaning Services

As a 2nd-generation, family-owned and operated business, we know the importance of a clean home. Not only is a clean environment overall good for the appearance of your home, but a clean home has many benefits towards your mental health. Improved sleep, increased productivity, and better focus are just some of the benefits of a thoroughly clean home! If you feel that cleaning your home is an unruly task or one that you don’t have time for, call AmeriClean to take charge! 

Whether it be a routine, scheduled clean or a one-time deep cleaning, our experienced cleaners can get the job done efficiently, giving you an amazing end result. 

One of the most important things you can clean in your home is your dryer vent. If you ignore the task of cleaning out your dryer vent, it may be dangerous. When you have a clogged dryer vent, the hot air is not being properly released. This excessive heat can build-up, potentially causing the lint in the dryer to catch on fire. Avoid this horrible possibility by utilizing the professionals at AmeriClean to be sure the dryer vent is expertly cleaned. 

In addition to our cleaning service for your dryer vents, we also have products to help in the maintenance of your dryer. All of these products can be installed at the time of your dryer vent cleaning or can be purchased separately and installed by our trained technicians. These AmeriClean’s dryer vent accessories include

  • Transition line replacement
  • Replacement wall vents
  • Critter guards
  • LintAlert

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