Selecting a high quality Oriental rug is a big decision. Before you invest in one, you’ll need to do some research to make sure you’re getting the exact style and quality of rug you’re after — at a fair, transparent price. Before you buy, make sure to ask our eight questions below. Not only will asking these questions make you a savvier, smarter Oriental rug shopper, but they’ll also ensure you’re confident and happy with your purchase.



8 Important Questions You Must Ask Before Buying a High Quality Oriental Rug


  1. Where was the rug made?

Five countries specialize in making high quality Oriental rugs: Pakistan, China, Turkey, Afghanistan, India, and Iran. Each country specializes in different style of rug knot — which impacts the appearance and knot count of the rug. Each country also has different rug washing methods, which impacts the rug’s brightness, cleanliness, and saturation of color. Of the five countries, Pakistan and India’s rugs are favored by customers and designers. These two countries offer affordable prices, due to less expensive labor costs. In addition,  are prized because of their clear, bright color — which is due to this country’s superior rug-washing methods.


  1. How was the rug made?

Although there was a time when all Oriental rugs were handmade, nowadays you’ll find that some “high-quality” rugs are actually made by machine. Most Oriental rugs sourced from Turkey or China will be machine-made, meaning they lack the wonderful handmade character that is unique to high quality Oriental rugs.


  1. What does the rug’s back look like?

If the rug’s backside perfectly reflects the pattern of the rug’s frontside, then you can be sure the knots are high in quality and durable. You can count the knots per inch on the rug’s backing, revealing the rug’s knot count. Higher knot counts (such as 16/16) are able to host very intricate designs and have a denser appearance; lower knot counts (such as 7/7) have simpler designs and a looser appearance.


  1. What is the rug made of?

Most Oriental rugs feature pure wool fibers, which is sometimes mixed with cotton and/or silk. Depending on the look you want, different fabrics might be desirable. Handspun and hand-dyed wool is generally considered the highest quality, and Pakistan is known as one of the top wool- and cotton-producing countries in the world. Look for fibers that are plush, soft, and glossy.


  1. How old is the rug?

A rug is like a work of art — it accrues value as it ages, and its quality doesn’t fade over time (assuming it receives proper care). Antique rugs, therefore, are typically more expensive than new rugs. No matter what age rug you buy, be aware that its worth will very likely increase over the years, making it a valuable asset to your home and family.


  1. What size do you need?

Many customers aren’t sure what size rug is right for their space. Think about the size, style, and current furnishings in your room — taking into consideration the colors, shapes, and designs in the room, too.


  1. For custom rugs: How long does the rug take to make?

If you’re after a custom-designed and crafted rug, place your order as early as possible and make sure to get a timing estimate from the retailer. Most major rug companies take nine to twelve months to produce and deliver a customized rug.


  1. What type of company is selling the rug?

Because Oriental rugs are a high-value good produced overseas, the amount of middle men between the US consumer and original producer can multiply rapidly — resulting in many large rug retailers who offer overpriced goods and/or low-quality products.


In order to gain confidence and trust in a rug retailer, make sure that the company displays expertise in the industry and offers top-notch customer care (including a sound returns policy). The staff should be able to answer any question you have in detail, and know exactly how their product was made. Many smaller rug retailers are family-owned with direct ties to the overseas rug production studios, meaning they’ll likely offer extremely fair prices and keep high quality standards.


Happy Shopping!!




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