How to Clean Your Shower and Keep It That Way

Showers tend to get overlooked when doing a quick clean of the bathroom.  We have 5 quick tips of how to clean your shower and keep it that way.

How To Clean Your Shower and Keep It That Way

1. Shower Head and Faucet

Using a gallon sized Ziploc bag and vinegar, secure the bag and ingredients to the shower head and faucet with a strong rubber band.  Allow the mixture to sit overnight and rinse once you remove the bag.  You’ll be left with a sparkling clean shower head and faucet without little to no work involved!

2. Shower Curtain

Take down that mildewy plastic shower curtain and try one of these 2 cleaning methods:

  • Soak shower curtain in a salt water bath  for a few hours.  Let it dry and then rehang – the salt will help to fight against mildew.
  • Put your plastic shower curtain and a couple dirty towels in your washing machine.  On a normal cycle, add 1/2 cup laundry detergent and 1/2 cup baking soda to warm water and wash.
3. Shower Tiles

For an everyday clean, keep a dish wand in the shower filled with equal parts vinegar and dish washing detergent.  While you let your conditioner soak, do a quick clean of your ceramic tile while you’re in the shower.

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4. Shower Doors

If you have a shower with glass doors, invest in a squeegee and try to use it every time you shower.  Using the squeegee each time, will help to drastically reduce the amount of soap scum that builds up on the glass.

5.  Shower Products

Another area that can get overlooked is the areas where our shower products sit.  Make it a point to use the same dish wand to clean under each of your products and along and shelves or edges of the tub to reduce soap scum.

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