Water damage on gym floors doesn’t happen often, but when it does the damage could be massive. Water damage can happen when pipes burst in a nearby restroom or shower facility, leaving those who come across it surprised and not sure where to turn for help.

In some cases, it is automatically assumed that a gym floor impacted by water damage will need to be replaced. This can EASILY cost well over $150,000.00. But if exposure to water is remedied quickly, it can often minimize the damage. This is where AmeriClean can help!

Through the use of specialty drying equipment and highly skilled water damage restoration technicians, we are able to remove the excess water from the floor and in most cases reverse the cupping without the need to sand or refinish the floor.

In addition to the tremendous cost saving drying offers over replacement, it also reduces the time the gym is out-of-service. If the floor was replaced instead of dried, you can expect to be without use of the gym for a month or more. Our drying process returns the floor to a useable state in an average of 5-8 days.

The sophisticated equipment combined with our technicians experience and knowledge of different flooring systems makes AmeriClean Northwest Indiana’s premiere gym floor drying contractor.

About AmeriClean

AmeriClean was founded in 1986 and is located in Merrillville, Indiana. We provide fire, water, mold remediation, carpet and air duct cleaning services in Northwest Indiana and surrounding areas. For more information about how we help residential, commercial and industrial property owners maintain their facilities, please visit our website or call 219-641-3711.