Tackle those once-a-year — and sometimes overlooked — Spring Cleaning chores.

Everyone knows about the Spring Cleaning basics: scrub the kitchen, disinfect the bathroom and organize the bedrooms. But here are 7 tips to turn your typical annual cleaning ritual into a truly successful — and thorough — Spring Cleaning.

1. How to Store Your Seasonal Stuff Part of Spring Cleaning is getting organized. Put those winter coats away the right way.

2. How to Clean and Maintain Your Vacuum You’re likely using your vacuum in every room of the house during Spring Cleaning. Be sure you take care of this handy tool.

3. Grout and Tile Cleaning Tips A little extra grout work can go a long way to giving your floors that extra shine.

4. Door Cleaning Tips Most rooms in your house have a door, so don’t neglect cleaning each of them.

5. Curtain Cleaning Tips Whether in the living room, bedroom or elsewhere, be sure you give those curtains their annual checkup.

6. Quick Clean Window Treatments And for those windows that don’t have curtains, here’s how to clean other window treatments.

7. How to Clean Shoes Now is as good a time as any to give all those pairs a good cleaning.

Happy Cleaning!!