At this point, the possibility that the only thing that can fit in your garage is your cars is pretty high.  That’s why we added the garage to our Spring Cleaning Series.  With the Northwest Indiana winters, it is difficult to maintain an organized garage and we find ourselves with odds and ends all over the place!  At AmeriClean we value our weekends so we figured out the easiest way possible to get a clean garage.

Easiest Way to Clean Your Garage!

1.  Assess the mess: Pick a sunny morning and pull everything out of the garage.  It’s easier to find homes for everything when you have a blank slate to work with.  As you move items from the garage, form similar groups so you can start thinking about which items you want together.

2.  Clear out the clutter:  Make a donate pile for items that you have duplicates of or items that you haven’t used in the last 2 years.  With everything out of the garage, do a sweep of the floor and hose off the floor pushing the water towards the outside.  Wipe down any existing shelves or storage.

3.  Freshen up the space:  If you’re starting from the beginning, you should consider buying clear storage bins for items that require long time storage.  We like the clear ones so you can easily see and find the items you are looking for- it still doesn’t hurt to label the contents in each bin on the outside of the bin.

Hang peg board for small tools, metal reels for hoses and cords, and tool bin for screws, nails and other items that you have.  You may even consider using an epoxy coating on the garage floor to prevent spill absorption- we like the Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield.


4.  Get it organized:  Get things off the floor and mount them on to the walls and ceiling.  Maximize storage by purchasing inexpensive hooks to hold bikes, yard tools, ladders.  Is your garage a home to sports equipment?  Use one of these neat methods below to store them while they’re not being used but still easily accessible for you kids to reach and PUT BACK! 🙂


Enjoy The End Result! 

You did it! We’re so proud of you!  Now you have the summer to relax and enjoy.  With a clean and organized garage, your family will be able to get things they need quickly without cutting in to your family fun time!


We want to see your garage spaces!

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