Disposing Fireplace Ashes The Right Way

If your home has a wood fireplace, our guess is that you’ve been using it many nights to stay warm during the cold Northwest Indiana winter.  As the temperatures begin to warm up, it’s important to give that wood fireplace the attention it deserves; including disposing of fireplace ashes the right way.

Disposing of Fireplace Ashes the Right Way

Keeping your wood fireplace clean, starts with the wood you burn. Make sure to use properly seasoned and stored firewood to prevent buildup of dangerous creosote that can possibly lead to chimney fires.

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Ash Removal

When: Wood ashes mainly need to be removed when the ashes begin to smell or are in the way of building a fire.  It is actually good to have some ashes (approximately 1 inch) on the floor of the firebox will make it easier to build and maintain a fire.  If the ashes in your fireplace reach the height of the bottom of your grate, it is best to remove the ashes as soon as possible.  Before attempting to clean up the ashes, it is important to wait at least 72 hours after your last fire.

Another time that you should remove the ashes from your fireplace, is when the heating season is over.  Leaving ashes in the fireplace, can actually cause rusting of the metal components; since the ashes have the potential to draw moisture in.

How:  After letting the ashes completely cool, sprinkle damp tea leaves or coffee grounds onto the ashes to cover the smell and limit the amount of dust.  Next, scoop the ashes out using a fireplace shovel (make sure to leave about 1 inch if the fireplace will be used again. If it is the end of the season, remove all ashes from the fireplace).  Place the removed ashes into a metal can, bucket or a clay pot.  Dispose of the container in an outside garbage can (ideally a metal one) that is away from your home.

Why: According to the Chimney Safety Institute of Americathere are several reasons why it’s important to remove the ashes from your fireplace:

  1. As stated above, if the ashes reach the level of the grate, the grate may burn out resulting in a shorter life span
  2. A deep layer of ashes reduces the amount of wood that can be place in the fireplace

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With these simple tips, you’ll have disposed of the ashes the right way and you’ll be protecting your investment while doing so.

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