Dependable Cleaning & Restoration Services for DeMotte, Indiana

Home to 1,560 households, DeMotte is a cozy town in Jasper County, Indiana. Becoming a town in 1882, DeMotte was named after Mark L. De Motte, a Congress member at the time. This town is popularly known for the movie Field Of Dreams. This attraction has a one-mile path and multiple basketball courts. It is commonly used as a community area for walking, jogging and other outdoor activities. It is also where soccer, baseball and softball games are held throughout the year. 

AmeriClean is the company residents and businesses of DeMotte call when they are in the need of dependable cleaning and restoration services.

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Commercial Cleaning Services for DeMotte Businesses 

If you have the responsibility of owning a business, much of the maintenance is keeping up with cleaning. With AmeriClean around, that can be the last of your worries!

If you have tile in your building, it could be likely it hasn’t experienced much love or upkeep. One of our commercial services is tile and grout cleaning. Our process consists of truck-mounted steam cleaning units that feature brushes and rotary tools. This procedure allows us to get a deep clean, while restoring the tile and grout.

Our experts are aware of your business needs and are committed to providing you with the most outstanding cleaning experience every time. That is why we follow a 11-step cleaning process, getting the job done efficiently on your needed time schedule.

Dumpster Rental Services for DeMotte

If you’re decluttering the home you are moving out of, or a new business owner who is remodeling a new storefront, you may want to consider renting a dumpster to make the process easier. Luckily for you, AmeriClean offers that service!

We offer 12 and 16-yard dumpsters that you can rent that fit ideally for any standard driveway. Our dumpsters are available for same-day or next-day delivery.

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At AmeriClean, our biggest goal is to make your life easier! Worrying about cleaning is a task you can hand off to us. To get started, you can call us at 219-641-3711 or request a free quote today!