Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Northwest Indiana

When an existing or potential customer walks into your facility their first impression is often times based solely on the appearance of your facility. AmeriClean’s commercial cleaning services use a 12 Step Cleaning Process to provide you with a wide range of cleaning options to make sure your facility is always putting its best foot forward!

AmeriClean’s Cleaning Process

We realize not every carpet cleaning job is the same, that is why our 12 step cleaning process is designed to provide your carpets with the deep cleaning they need. Our hot water extraction (Steam Cleaning) process removes the dirt, spills and allergens from your carpet’s fibers and restores their appearance. In addition to helping maintain your carpets appearance, your cleaning process helps maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.

Why Choose AmeriClean

Our Account Managers work with your team to understand the needs of your facility, develop a customer cleaning plan to keep your carpets looking their best, all while considering your budget!

Commercial Carpet Maintenance Schedule

Keeping your office space looking its best just became a whole lot easier. AmeriClean’s commercial maintenance plans are designed to meet the unique needs of your facility and are perfect for facilities where first impressions matter.

Our approach to developing a customized cleaning plan begins with an thorough evaluation of your floor coverings. During our evaluation, one of our Account Managers will meet with you to determine the current condition of your floor coverings, the best cleaning methods for maintaining the carpets,  and the frequency which they need to be cleaned. Upon completing the evaluation, our Account Manager will develop a custom commercial maintenance plan to not only meet your cleaning needs, but also to keep you on budget. In addition to carpet cleaning, our maintenance plans can include:

  • Carpet Protector
  • Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Upholstery and Cubicle Cleaning

Low Moisture Cleaning

One of the main concerns commercial customers have when having their carpets cleaned is how long it takes to dry. We offer a Low Moisture process which uses a very limited amount of water and specially formulated cleaning agents to remove dirt and spills from your carpets while providing you the shortest drying times possible.

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