Summer time is here and if you’re a boat owner, you’re ready to hit the lake and enjoy every second of our summer days.  To make the most of boating season, you’ll want to get and keep your boat in top shape.  With our simple cleaning tips and solutions for cleaning boat interiors, you’ll be lake ready in no time!

Cleaning Boat Interiors: A How To Guide

Clean the Carpet of Your Boat

The carpet in your boat takes the most abuse.  We walk on it with our dirty feet and shoes, drip fish slime from our latest catch, and spill a drink or two. At the beginning and end of the boating season, it is important to the carpets of your boat to remove the residue of these items and more.

By using a power washer or garden hose to spray down the carpeted surface.  Doing so will help lift the dirt and grime from the fibers.  For stubborn spots, use a deck brush to further agitate the area.  Once the dirt has been broken down, use a wet/dry vac to suction up the dirt and water.  Allow the boat to dry completely.

Cleaning Boat Interiors

Clean the Vinyl Boat Seats

Vinyl boat seats can break down over time if not cared for properly which is why it is important to protect the vinyls normal wear and tear through regular cleanings.  Using a vinyl cleaner on your boat seats will not only restore the overall appearance, but will also add a UV protector that will prevent further damage.  Prior to applying the vinyl cleaner, use a mixture of dish soap and hot water to scrub the upholstery seams where dirt may have settled.

Once the cleaning is complete, it is important to allow the vinyl boat seats to dry completely so mildew stains don’t form.  Once dry, a mildew preventative spray should be applied to lessen the chances of mildew from reoccurring.

Cleaning Boat Interiors

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