The National Fire Protection Association performed a “live burn to show just how quickly Christmas tree fires can turn devastating and deadly.”  The video below demonstrates the amount of damage Christmas tree fires can bring into a home if not watered properly.  A tree fire can cause harm to people and property.

By watching the footage above, you can see that a dried out tree begins burning at a significantly faster rate and the properly watered tree burned at a much slower rate.  The purpose of this video is not to scare our readers from decking the halls but to be a visual reminder of the importance of keeping your beautiful tree watered.

Christmas Tree Fire Safety Tips: 4 Tips to Avoid A Tree Fire

 As Christmas time draws near, the Christmas trees will go up adorned with beautiful ornaments telling stories of Christmas past.  We’ll all be quickly pulled in to the hustle and bustle of the holiday season- making sure the perfect presents are bought, wrapped beautiful under the tree, and attending holiday parties and family events all season long.  At times we get lost in the magical events of the season and forget about that beautiful tree that was put up days or weeks ago.  A forgotten, under watered tree can quickly take the highlight of the holiday season if a Christmas tree fire occurs.

Christmas Tree Fire Safety Tips

1. Check the water in your stand daily.  The average tree can use as much as 1 gallon of water a day and according to the National Christmas Tree Association, one quart of water is needed per inch of the trunk’s diameter.

2.  Before putting up the tree, make sure all smoke alarms have been properly tested and batteries are working in each of the alarms.

Take the guess work out: Change Your Clocks-Change Your Batteries

3.  When placing your tree in your home, avoid areas near anything that could be a possible heat source.  Avoid fireplaces, furnaces, and air vents.

4.  At the end of the holiday season, make sure to remove the tree from your home before it dries out.  Several communities will recycle your tree if it is put at the curb.  Check with your local community for more information.

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