Thank you for trusting us with your dryer vent cleaning project.  When we’re finished, your home will be sparkling clean, fresh and beautiful – guaranteed! Here are some suggestions for you to prepare that will help both of us:

1. Clear a wide path from the closest exterior door to the dryer.

2. Remove all obstacles from the area around the dryer

3. For your pet’s peace of mind, please put them in a safe, quiet place where our cleaning won’t disturb them. Please keep in mind that we will need access to the exterior exhaust.

4. Remove all items from the top and inside of the dryer.

5. Please disconnect the dryer from its energy source and slide the unit out providing as much assess as possible to the vent itself. If you are unable to move the dryer, our technician will take care of doing so.

6. Please note that cold weather may affect the cleaning of roof dryer exhausts.


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