Animal Waste Cleanup

Animal Waste Clean Up 

The thought of animals such as raccoons, mice, bats, or squirrels living in your attic can be downright scary. Not only is it scary to think that they might find their way out of the attic and into your home, but the waste they leave behind can be even more troublesome.

One of the biggest concerns when wildlife sets up residence in your attic is the waste they produce and the damage it can do to your home and your health. The bacteria in animal waste can cause respiratory and other medical conditions.

Animal Waste Cleanup

Fortunately for homeowners in Northwest IndianaAmeriClean is here to help. Our restoration crews use the same demanding procedures we use for mold remediation to thoroughly clean your attic after unwanted animals are removed.

Our attic restoration services begin by protecting your living space from contamination during the removal and cleaning process. Our team will first relocate any belongings out of the area around the attic access and will then cover all of the floors in the immediate area and pathways to the nearest exit. Next, we install containment barriers and negative air machines to protect your indoor air quality. Now that environmental controls are in place, we will begin removing the insulation from your attic. The insulation is removed through the use of a powerful vacuum system located outside of your home where the insulation is collected in disposable bags. Once all of the insulation has been removed, our team removes any dust, animal waste or remaining insulation through the use of a HEPA vacuum which is also located outside of your home. Finally, all of the materials in your attic are treated with an antimicrobial product to eliminate any remaining bacteria.

Attic restoration is a very involved process which is a significant investment in your home and your health. If the damage is caused by a nocturnal mammal such as bats or raccoons, the cleaning and repair costs may be covered by your insurance company. Because of our background in property restoration, our team is familiar with the insurance process and will work with your insurance carrier to make the claims process as easy as possible.

If you live in Crown PointValparaisoChesterton, or anywhere else in Northwest Indiana and would like to learn more about our Attic Restoration services, please feel free to contact us or call 219-641-3711 to schedule your free estimate.