Air Duct Cleaning in Northwest Indiana

Did you know that in addition to improving your indoor air quality, cleaning your home’s air ducts will also:

  • Allow your Air Duct Cleaning in Northwest Indianaheating and cooling system to operate more efficiently and run less often, therefore your system has fewer breakdowns and repairs
  • Reduce your risk of fire by eliminating flammable materials in the duct work
  • A more efficient system can reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Why Choose AmeriClean

At AmeriClean, our technicians use the source removal duct cleaning method and follow NADCA Air Duct Cleaning guidelines to thoroughly clean you air ducts. Our powerful truck mounted vacuum systems remove the dirt and debris that accumulates within your home’s heating & air conditioning system’s duct work, leaving you with clean fresh air!

Consumer Awareness

On almost a daily basis our office receives phone calls from customers asking about mailers that they receive advertising whole house duct cleaning for $149 or $4.99 per register. The most common question we hear is, “Is this for Real?”

Unfortunately most times, the answer is no. From our experience, customers who have hired these types of companies are quoted a low price over the phone and the final price is much different. The other issue that we hear is the quality of work is not up to the consumers standards. Remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for”, this might come back to haunt you if you choose to go with a $4.99 per register contractor.

Protect Yourself from Air Duct Cleaning Scams

Consumers need to be aware of companies that advertise a price that seems to be good to be true, because most of the time it is. The best way to protect yourself from offers like this is to do your research. Spend time visiting the company’s website, read online reviews and most importantly go to and search for certified air duct cleaners in your area.

NADCA’s “What you Need to Know” Residential Brochure

EPA’s “Should you Have the Air Ducts Cleaned in your Home” Document

Call us now at 219-942-8100 to learn more about our air duct cleaning services. AmeriClean serves Crown Point, Highland, Valparaiso, Michigan City, East Chicago, Burns Harbor and surrounding cities in Northwest Indiana.

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